Company History 

 In 1985, Patrick and Mary O'Brien relocated from Sparks, Nevada, to Southern California. They settled in San Clemente, CA, with the intention of purchasing their first new home in a homeowner’s association (HOA) called Forster Meadowood, also known as The Colony. Patrick's salary from his job in the food processing industry fell slightly below the income threshold needed to qualify for a mortgage. To address this, the Sales Representative of the new housing development they were interested in offered to sell them their model home cleaning business. This additional income would enable them to meet the financial requirements for the new home loan.

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And thus, Personal Touch Cleaning came into existence! Mary's inaugural client was none other than the cleaning of the model homes within the HOA development where they had just purchased their own home.

In the initial years, Mary focused on providing specialized cleaning services for model homes within homeowner associations. This quickly evolved into expanding her services to include cleaning pool areas, clubhouses, and other common spaces within these communities. Thanks to her keen focus on personalized service and meticulous attention to detail, her business experienced rapid growth.

Patrick recognized the significant growth potential of their modest family business. In 1995, he made the bold choice to leave his career in food processing to become the full-time President of PTC. At that time, PTC had just six employees, yet they efficiently managed to clean and maintain approximately fifty communities.

Patrick had a strong passion for learning and made a dedicated effort to educate himself by listening to top-level business speakers through audio programs. He did this while actively working in the field alongside his employees, servicing communities.

By concentrating his efforts on becoming the 'Best in the Business' and implementing the strategies recommended by business educators, Patrick propelled PTC to experience remarkable growth and establish a solid reputation within the industry.

Personal Touch Cleaning has expanded to proudly operate with a workforce of over 500 employees, catering to over 1,600 communities across Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Inland Empire.

PTC is honored to hold the title of the #1 Referred Southern California HOA Janitorial Service Provider. Our commitment to surpassing expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction remains unwavering, as we consistently go the extra mile in all aspects of our service.